What is the best multi vitamin you can buy?

Published: 01st December 2006
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What is the best multi vitamin you can buy?

There are so many multi vitamins on the market today, how do you choose the right vitamin for you? Why do you need a vitamin and mineral supplement? What is the best multi vitamin you can buy?

There are so many choices when it comes to vitamins. Go to your local grocery store and you will find shelves full. Then, go to your local health food store and you will find even more. The problem is how do you know which ones of these are actually worth buying?

The first thing you need to get out of your head is that you can get a good multi vitamin for cheap. This is just like buying shoes. The cheap brand of shoes never lasts as long as the more expensive brand so you are really getting a better buy with the more expensive version. Now don't get me wrong you don't need to spend a hundred dollars on a multi vitamin, but you need to spend more than $10.

I think that any multi vitamin that is under $20 is not worth spending any money on. Usually these are synthetic vitamins and not from whole natural foods. This means that you are wasting your time with the vitamin because it will do very little for you. You need a vitamin made from whole foods.

Vitamins are a necessary fuel for the body and they help us heal faster and better. You need these vitamins and you are not going to find them in the processed junk that we call food now a day. You could eat a ton of greens and fruits or you could take a multi vitamin to fuel your body.

What is the best multi vitamin you can buy? This is simple. You should plan on spending around $50 for a months supply and then you will cut the dosage in half and make it last 2 months. The dosage will be set to give you 100% of what you need so if you eat right you can cut this in half.

You need to make sure the vitamin is all natural and comes from whole natural foods. If the label does not say this you are getting ripped off. Check your labels and don't buy a bad vitamin.

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